The Dungeon Rats

The Dungeon Rats

The Dungeon Rats is an interactive Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast and live stream. With every adventure we incorporate audience participation to create a vibrant game world and an open community of friends. Come play with us!

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    S3E13: Sneeze Bros

    The group talks about their first cds, and attempt a prison break

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    S3E12: A Master Plan

    It's about time the kingdom guard came up with a plan! Let's hope this one works out.

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    S3E11: Dirty Secrets

    Every one has a dirty secret, the questions is...can they keep it?

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    S3E10: The Dream Catchers

    The gang makes their way to the other side of the wall to investigate and try to fulfill their 'favor'. Nothing is as easy as it seems.

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    S3E9: The Death of Momont

    The group gets into what they did over Xmas break and review their thoughts on the previous episode before getting into the adventure that begins with a tragic death and a curious favor.

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    S3E8: Smoke Em' Out

    Smoke it in, and smoke them out. This episode is pure fire.

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    BONUS! Trip To Lyoncon

    We turned on the microphones, and recorded our entire trip to a recent convention. This is unedited, and PERFECTLY SAFE.

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    S3E6: High on a Hill

    Sometimes you need a day off to find yourself, connect with friends, and search for a life saving mushroom.

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    S3E5: Ashen Plague

    Fire up the dial up, there is a friend who needs you!

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